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Company Mission statement

Our mission is to promote S.T.E.M. in our school and community while empowering our employees to become competent, confident, self-directed, and problem solving individuals.


World-Wide Problem

Garbage is thoughtlessly being disposed of in the largest and, arguably, most important ecosystem on Earth: the ocean. Recycling due to lack of materials has been around since the beginning of civilization, financial recycling was prominent in colonial times, and conservational recycling started in the twenty-first century. The evolution of recycling steadily progressed over the years and conservational recycling may have been implemented too late. Local and global organizations acknowledge the severe need to preserve the Earth. Companies have taken measures from simply having cleanup days as far as innovative machinery that removes marine litter without the capture of sea life. This is important because the damage caused to marine animals directly effects human welfare. Not only is human health diminished, the atmosphere and ecosystems of Earth are weakened. If the trend continues, then the world as it is known will come to an end. The Wetumpka High School STEAM Machine has taken a step towards and innovation that can help diminish this possibility. Lightning McClean (LMC) is a robot that can collect trash and wildlife, take them to field scientists and engineers, and build a reconfigured reef using the plastics collected for the fish to safely inhabit.

The Wetumpka High School STEAM Machine is a student organization dedicated to innovation and creative application of student ideas in S.T.E.M. projects in our school and surrounding communities.
— Dr. Virginia Vilardi, Company CEO


Outside of B.E.S.T. Robotics

afa cyberpatriot

CyberPatriot is a national competition in which middle school and high school students are given the task of securing a vertual machine and hardenihg the system to make it as difficultr to hack into as possible.

Tarc rocketry

TARC Rocketry is an international challenge where students build custom rockets that meet specified criteria.  

To reach websites of these events, press the hyperlinked name of the competition you are interested in.


Greenpower Electric Car is a student-assembled vehicle that can participate in any GreenpowerUSA race.

Science fair/paper reading/gorgas

In Science Fair, AJAS (Alabama Junior Academy of Science) Paper Reading, and AJAS Gorgas Competition original experiments with research papers and presentation are judged and scored to determine winners.


InnovateAFITC is a technological and marketing competition that pairs students with IT professionals and Airmen. The challenge for these teams is to complete various cyber events and market an innovative mobile app prototype.

science olympiad

Science Olympiad consists of several science-category tests. Teams compete in events such as Astronomy, Fermi Questions, Experimental Design, and Hovercraft. All tests have perimeters that allow students to bring home-made study guides and structures that are to be made with certain materials.