Our team on the track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Our team participated in the Green Power USA Electric Car competition. We were given a very simple kit to build the car, but the rest was up to us. Our car was completely student constructed, except for the body painting. We have taken our car to numerous races in our area. One race was the inaugural race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, where our team ranked 11th in the nation. This project has greatly improved our reach and has helped us to inform others about our STEM efforts.


Improvements as of late 2017

We moved from a fiberglass body directly attached to the steel chassis, to attaching 3/8 inch fuel line. We then covered the fuel line with Ceconite, an aircraft fabric commonly used for the bodies of aircraft, to increase durability, aesthetics, and to reduce weight. We also reconfigured the ratio of our sprockets to increase top speed.