The Path to Our Product

The engineering process followed by the WHS STEAM Machine.

Return on investments

In competing with Lightning McClean (LMC) 9.6 at the Troy BEST competition, our company was able to see how our product compared with prototype products from several other companies. We saw in real-time how LMC preformed and functioned. At the conclusion of the competition, we were able to see our return on investment.

Purchase LMC 11.7!

For the price of $5000, you can own LMC as well as our CAD drawings, engineering notebook, 24/7 tech support, a life time warranty, and operational training. LMC can work not only in the oceans of the world but can clean up other water ways as well. So, we offer customizations to fit your needs for a small fee dependent on the request. 
To purchase, you can fill out the order form at the bottom of our one-paper that you may acquire through email and return it to us at the address seen at the top of the page. You can also scan the QR code to reach our online store, and purchase by simply filling in the required information. Any additional questions about the purchasing process can be answered by one of our sales representatives at any of the listed contacts.