Poseidon 3.0 - our most advanced robot yet.

Poseidon 2.1 - War Eagle Design

Our Robot Poseidon is the optimal solution on the market today for fire rescue and extinguishing technology.

We united brand new technology to create a robotic device to save lives and prevent damages. 

Engineering process:

Concept Exploration:

Where our team discussed brainstorming requirements, risk, and design.

JAD - Joint Application Design:

On this process, our team sat down with the customers (firefighters) and discussed their specific design requirements to ensure we have a product to fit all of their needs.



In this phase our team draw blueprints.

We designed the robot in SolidWorks CAD software and then used CAM software and a CNC machine to cut out each individual part.

Production and Integration:

The robot was constructed after all parts of the robot had been cut out on our CNC machine.

In addition, we programmed the robot in Robot C and began testing.




We then tested our robot on our student constructed playing field.