mission statement


Our company spreads S.T.E.M. throughout the community to accomplish our mission.

Establishing the Team’s S.T.E.M. Footprint

Mock comp

The WHS STEAM Machine holds an annual Mock Comp. to give their peers a taste of the B.E.S.T. robotics competition. This Mock Comp. only includes robot, engineering notebook, and a marketing presentation.

open house and elective fair

During open house, the team was able to sell many of their vintage NERD t-shirts and baked goods. Elective fair was a chance for team leaders to recruit more employees to work for the STEAM Machine.

Junior Nerds

At Wetumpka Middle School, Tracy Wright has started an after-school program where students interested in robotic engineering and team building can thrive and prepare to join the STEAM Machine. The team leaders of the STEAM Machine assist them with any advice they may need including development, programming, and design.

the swayback asylum

Wetumpka High School’s P.T.O. approached the team along with the theater club to arrange a haunted high school community event. The proceeds from the event would be split between the involved parties.

education day at afitcc

The upperclassmen of the team attend high school education day at the Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower Conference to receive ideas for team exhibit structure and presentation. This year, the innovateAFITC team was honored to meet the Secretary of the Air Force and share how STEM has impacted their life, education, and future.

Special needs class christmas party

Christmas is a time of giving and sharing. The STEAM Machine have annually sponsored the special needs class Christmas party for roughly 7 years. Each student of that class sends the STEAM Machine a wish list and each employee of the team decides on a gift to get for the student. Each gift is wrapped and presented to the class on the day of the party.

Homecoming parade

During Homecoming week at Wetumpka High School, the team worked hard to tie robotics into a football-themed atmosphere. The STEAM Machine decided to make a float on Megazord Vs. the Calera Eagles. The homecoming parade route traveled in front of Wetumpka High, Middle, and Elementary School where the team could show off the robot from 2017.

Other schools

We have made relationships with schools such as Wetumpka Middle, Redland Elementary, Holtville Middle, Elmore County High, Eclectic Middle, and Stanhope Elmore High School and Dean Road Elementary in Auburn. We have worked differently with each of these schools, but our overall goal is to establish a thriving Robotics/STEM program in each school. In the past few years we have mentored Holtville Middle and Stanhope Elmore High with their upcoming programs. We recently started a mentoring relationship with Goshen High School here at Troy BEST. Our CEO continues to be in contact with each of these schools’ mentors and potential company sponsors through e-mail, phone calls and face to face meetings.