mission statement

team leads

The managers of each company division.


Co-Leader Implementation

Each division is headed by co-mangers to decrease leader stress and increase member’s access to leadership. This implementation has been in effect for the past three years and has had a successful outcome.



The business division is in charge of all aspects of the company that are promoting the product and outreach the team does. Subdivisions include marketing, informal interview, spirit, and engineering notebook.


The Engineering Division not only creates the robot, but the team exhibit structure as well. Subdivisions include workshop organization/oversight, requirements, safety, documentation, team exhibit construction, playing field assembly, robot construction, and testing.



Although most of the technology division follows the same development process as engineering, technology has its own division because of the diverse teams within. Subdivisions include web page development, robot programming, video production, C.A.D. creation, simulink model testing, and C.N.C. mill use.