Marketing Presenters


The marketing team organizes and presents the sale’s pitch of Tezla. This formal interview is not only pitched to judges at B.E.S.T competitions; the team also presents at the Elmore County Spring Board of Education meeting and the company’s Montgomery Industry Partners breakfast. Frequently, those in marketing presentations become involved in business administration as a career path.



Team Exhibit Presenters


The Team Exhibit is an Informal interview booth constructed and occupied by the WHS STEAM Machine. Informal interviews are utilized by WHS STEAM Machine to present our product and company to those interested in STEM. Presenters often work in duos, aiding each other as they present. WHS STEAM Machine employees often use informal interviews to prepare for future events and involvement in the marketing presentation. The presenters are not limited to informal interviews, although it’s the best choice.



Engineering Notebook


The engineering notebook is a document encompassing the entire process of the robot's creation in extensive detail. The engineering notebook is written over the entire course of the robotics season, beginning after the game parameters are received at Kickoff. Within the engineering notebook is the entire engineering process, the Tezla Research Paper, evaluation charts utilized for robot creation, and the software development process. The contributors to the notebook learn valuable documentation skills and strengthen their writing ability.





With extreme enthusiasm and growth in their methods of cheer, the spirit team continues to share sportsmanship and well-being to other teams and the community. No poster left without glitter, no give-away un-bedazzled, and no wall of the exhibit without an artistic touch. The spirit team allows creative and crafty minds to flourish into leaders with smiling faces.



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