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The Engineering Division

The Engineering Division not only creates the robot, but the team exhibit structure as well. Subdivisions include workshop organization/oversight, requirements, safety, documentation, team exhibit construction, playing field assembly, robot construction, and testing.


One may wonder why it takes a team of engineers to create requirements for a robot. The answer is simple: requirements are the first aspect of the robot to be created and are most crucial to completing the team goal. The team goal is portrayed by the strategy chosen by the team and requirements of the robot are made to satisfy this goal. These requirements are documented and stored within the engineering notebook.

Playing Field Assembly

The WHS STEAM Machine believes in testing their products in the most realistic scenarios. This is accomplished by the team having and creating their own playing field. The playing field is built before the engineering process begins to allow specific testing of prototypes while evaluating alternative designs.

Workshop and Safety

The WHS STEAM Machine utilize OSHA Safety Standards and implement workshop and safety managers to ensure safe practices. Safety managers are responsible for monitoring personal protective equipment (P.P.E.) and its use during construction. Workshop managers organize and clean the work space after use of any tools or area. Following these strict standards not only protects the employees, but increases the longevity of the tools and quality of products.

Robot Construction

These employees are the most experience and trained engineers that WHS STEAM Machine has to offer. Together, they create a robotic solution to the challenge set by B.E.S.T. Inc.. These engineers often go on to follow the same career path of S.T.E.M..


In order to ensure quality products, testing must take place. These managers are responsible for testing robot prototypes for alternative designs and recording practice rounds on the student-built playing field. The excellence provided by the WHS STEAM Machine is optimized during testing and its documentation.


The WHS STEAM Machine CEO always says “if it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” Employees work by this code and document all steps taken during the engineering process. With continuous documentation, engineers can easily find any flaws in the design if any. These records are stored and organized in the engineering notebook.

Team Exhibit Construction/Design

The team exibit structure is created to house information about the WHS STEAM Machine’s outreach, path to the robot, and information on the importance of the challenge presents by B.E.S.T. Inc.. Informal interview takes place within the structure. To learn about the STEAM Machine, find their exhibit on game day for casual conversation and quick answers.


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