mission statement

The Technology Division

Although most of the technology division follows the same development process as engineering, technology has its own division because of the diverse teams within. Subdivisions include web page development, robot programming, video production, C.A.D. creation, simulink model testing, and C.N.C. mill use.


Software is what mobilizes and controls the robot. Lightning McClean’s software is created using the programming language, Robot C. Within the engineering notebook, there is a software development notebook that describes the software development process. The process is documented similarly to the engineering process with equal value. These intermediate software engineers grow in experience during this challenge to later become professionals in a parallel field.

Video Production

By recording various clips of the WHS STEAM Machine in action, the video team created a video to show at the beginning of their marketing presentation. The video includes several clips, transitions, background music, and text overlay displaying the company’s many awards and honors. Also, these producers create a commercial about the WHS STEAM Machine and their product.

C.A.D. Development

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional computer aided designs (CAD) are made to provide a visual aid of robot models. In creating CAD before production, the engineers can reduce the risk of hardware malfunction. Minds that develop CAD must be visual, flexible, and creative in order to make efficient drawings. CAD can be used for most forms of engineering in the design phase.


Simulink is a graphical interface that is used to test the software. It works as a visual input- process- output evaluation and allows programmer to estimate how the code will effect the tangible robot. Simulink is an advanced customization technique that increases the efficiency of our code.

C.N.C. Mill Use

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Mill takes the G-Code of CAD and applies it to a numeric grid to cut out plastic or wood parts with respective bits. The preciseness that CNC Mills provide allows for the WHS STEAM Machine to preserve materials. Lightning McClean is optimized due to this advanced resource.

Website Development

To publicize the STEAM Machine in a digital world, a company web page is essential. The site is easy to navigate and helps keep the public informed on company events, employees, and products.


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