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BEST stands for Boosting Engineering Science and Technology, and is a national program with fifty local competition sites in eighteen states. The mission of BEST is to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through participation in a competitive robotics program that fosters knowledge, teamwork, and communication. A major tenet of the program is that it is free to schools; there is no cost for robotics materials nor to enter a team.



Over the years, BEST Inc. has ventured into a wide variety of industries: From underground mining to space exploration - and everything in-between. Throughout its diverse pursuits, BEST has kept safety the number one priority. In line with this, BEST has announced an organization-wide Fire Safety Initiative. Mostly the initiative involves fire prevention through new and improved safety policies, but BEST has also started a Research and Development program to explore robot intervention in industrial fire emergencies. Your company is invited to submit a robot prototype to be evaluated alongside other prototypes in a state-of-the-art Industrial Fire Simulator. Besides their performance in the simulations, companies will be evaluated based on the quality of their project documentation, sales presentation, company exhibit, and even their company culture and business ethics. Robots will not be able to touch the fire directly - in order to extinguish it, they need to launch simulated water from a distance. The highest priority is rescuing the test manikin from inside. Just like in a real rescue, every second counts; robots will receive more points if they complete the rescue in less time.
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Previous Competitions

Each year, middle and high school student teams are tasked with building a robot to compete against other schools in that year's challenge. Each challenge is based on an educational model. Previous models include "Just Plane Crazy", in which students learned about aeronautics and built a simple model airplane with their robot; and "Total Recall" in which students studied six-sigma to optimize manufacturing.



The robotics competition is a high-energy sports-like environment but good sportsmanship is essential. Student-driven robots compete against the challenges of the game, not other robots. Each year's game theme and playing field is revealed in mid-September. Teams are given six weeks to design and build their robot before entering their local competition.




In addition to robotics, the most coveted award of the program is the BEST Award. To compete, students must provide an engineering notebook, give an oral marketing presentation, construct an educational exhibit, and show excellent team spirit and sportsmanship. BEST uses the excitement of robotics to teach engineering and business processes.


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